The idea to establish an investment and research company originated back in 2001 when its founder, the future Candidate of Economic Sciences, Mr. Kulakov has been engaged in an independent trading in the FOREX market for several years. However, this activity initially yielded no tangible results, since not all market laws are subject to complex mathematical calculations. After receiving a scientific degree in psychology in 2004, the company's founder had new challenging ideas for market research, because the decision-making focus has moved towards the research of decision-making psychology and, as a result, towards the forecast of the most probable price movements in the specified time interval. At the same time, the first prototypes of working systems, manually operated, which showed the first good results after three years of thoughtful development based on a tide of enthusiasm of the company's founder and his closest companions, were developed. Then, like a bolt from the blue, came the financial crisis of 2008, which shook the very foundations of global economy. Of course, it was bound to be reflected in our research. We had to introduce additional stress tests for the developed algorithms, increasing the system's reliability. However, the unique character of our idea and its instant adaptation to the changed conditions were of great help as well. In 2014, it was finally decided to expand the business, register the company in United Kingdom and get to the international level in order to continue the research and practical application of the established patterns in market behavior.

The Forex market attracted us because it is the most liquid market of all the existing ones. Thus, following the regularities and strictly observing the laws of money management, it is possible to achieve a reliable capital growth in a long period of time with low risk.

Initially, the company has focused on the development of forecasting the foreign exchange market movements. However, until 2015 the service was private, and only after 2015, we decided to look for new growth opportunities by introducing advisers into foreign exchange market. Thus, our website of the same name appeared.

The runaway success of our idea and rapid increase in subscribers speak volumes for themselves. After six months, we started expanding our staff by employing promising programmers and traders in order to create new services based on our unique idea about foreign exchange market ​​movement and trade automation. Since our company strictly follows the principle laid by its founder, the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Mr. Kulakov, any manual trading is doomed to failure in a long period of time. People prone to emotions, and we never know when they will overcome us. Only system, which is not subject to fear and emotions, can win in a long term.

Thus, our first trading robot, which works 24 hours per day, appeared after six months of development works. Therefore, it got the same name fxbot24 and is available for study and purchase at

Today, our company faces the future with confidence and invites investors from around the world to plan their financial future. We believe that your capital will be in a safe haven, if you are with us!