The company always requires permanent professional programmers and talented traders with their trade profitable strategies for optimization and improvement, thanks to our unique technology.
Requirements for traders:

At least 5 years' market experience

At least six months' statement, including the current date, profitable trading

Presence of proper trading system, mandatory trading adviser which tests for the last 10 years show a steady growth, including the current date
Desire to work in a team and widen your horizons
Ability to accurately and clearly explain the trading system, its logic and principles
Confidentiality compliance by both parties and career growth are guaranteed.

Requirements for programmers:

4 years' experience

Knowledge of PHP, Mysql, Java, C, MQL for MT4, at least 1 year Forex experience

Analytical mind, desire to work in a team and be wedded to the idea

Confidentiality and career growth are guaranteed.

For all questions and resume sending, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.